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Urban Rent A Car is a company dedicated to providing you with efficiency and low-
cost car hire services. We take pride in offering you a top-notch service with our
Total Cost Price Policy without hidden extras or last minute surprises. The price
you see is the price you get.

What we provide is Premium quality car rental services with several possible locations and car types which will be suitable to your preferences and budget. The cars available for rental are first-class vehicles which offer comfort and excellence
in your travel experience.

We strongly believe that the most essential thing about a company is the excellent relationship with the customers. The only way you will want to book us continuously is by making sure you get the best possible service. The price you see
is the price you get.

In the process of building the business we have managed to hire highly trained specialists in the car rental business whose management skills are devoted to putting your interests first.

Enjoy the ride!

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+389 71 390 290

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